Bird nest benefit health


What is bird nest good for? Bird nest benefit health. More on bird nest usage is shown as follows:

Bird nest benefit health from the Clinical Experimental Perspective

Based on a current scientific research reported by Hong Kong Chinese College, the cell division enzyme and hormone of bird's nest can promote reproduction and rebirth of human cells. The Glycoprotein content directly encourages cell development in human’s defense mechanisms.  Consequently, body metabolic process is enhanced and functional effects are greatly enhanced. Effective outcomes of bird's nest are observed when they're consumed by children, elders, feeble and sick people.

Bird nest benefit health from Traditional and Modern Chinese Medication's Perspective.

(Chinese Medication Dictionary)  Bird's Nest can be used as restorative and remedial food since the Ching empire as recorded in (Major Herbal treatments Manual) and (Major Herbal treatments Digest). Previous clinical researches have came to the conclusion that bird's nest produces a (sweet and calm) character. Bird's nest led medical advantages to lung, stomach and kidney neural system. Several ancient medicine books for example (New Major Herbal treatments), (Southern Mountain Chronicle) and (New Herbal treatments Modified) all recorded lots of detail of bird's nest remedial benefits.

Bird nest benefit health from the Dietary Perspective

The primary diet content in bird's nest is carb (30%) and protein (5%) although its protein content could be comparable to those of milk or eggs. Bird’ s nest also consists of lots of calcium and phosphorus, in addition to some iron and iodine. You will still find another untraced arrangements that could have medical benefits hence we're not able to judge its value through the primary diet content alone.

Bird nest benefit health from the Biochemical Perspective

The book (Evaluate Bird's Nest) compiled by a biochemist has additionally proven that protein found in bird's nest possess some bioactive elements that might have adding nourishment and replacing effects on humans body.

Professionals conclude that bird's nest has three primary functions:

-          Improves the rebirth of cells and tissue.

-          Enhances the defense mechanisms functions in our body

-          Enhances your body's tolerance toward the harm made by X-sun rays or any other radioactive reagents.

Bird's nest is a superb restorative food having a sweet and calm character. It's good for just about any age or gender:

-          Ladies: Frequent consumption lead to more proper skin condition, helps you to stay youthful and appear radiant.

-          Women That Are Pregnant: Consumption throughout pregnancy will improve immune functions from the fetus and also the moms will have the ability to recuperate easily following childbirth.

-          Elders: Clears phlegm, strengthen lung area and renal system, enhance spleen in addition to improve appetite.

-          Children: Improves immune ability, not inclined to obtain common colds or flu

-          Males: Enhances kidney and fortifies lung area, so not inclined to grow weak.