Bird nest building season


Bird nest builing season - Bird's nests are gathered 3 times each year, with every harvesting period generally lasting 3 months.

The very first period is from the month of January to April, immediately followed by the 2nd and 3rd periods. The rain fall is especially high throughout the very first period and this encourages the atmosphere highly appropriate for the development of small creatures and plants giving the swiftlet lots of food.The swiftlet grows particularly strong and therefore produce copious quantity of saliva. The bird's nest gathered throughout this period would be the most costly since they're large and thick, highly swollen and contain less harmful particles.

The 2nd bird nest building season is throughout the dry season. There's decrement in food supply for the swiftlet in that period which culminates in the bird’s nests being thin and loose and also the nest thread is thick. The form and also the swelling capacity from the nests are lesser than those from the first period.

The 3rd bird nest building season is in the drought season. Throughout this season the swiftlets are weak. Their secretion of saliva is low and the feathers detached. The bird’s nests which are built are tinier in size, contain greater impurities (e.g. feathers) and also have an inadequate swelling capacity.