How to buy bird nest?


How to find a bird nest and how to check bird nest quality? In short how to buy bird nest that is good and suitable for us for the amount that we are paying? A few criteria need to be taken into consideration:

How to buy bird nest - Shape and volume:

The best bird's nest is the same shape as a ship or spoon. Bird's nest could be triangular should they have been built-in a corner of two adjacent walls. But for dietary value, the form is not important. Bird's nests which are wider rank greater. The actual bird's nest ought to be in a natural shape.

How to buy bird nest - Color and purity:

The best bird's nest ought to be of natural color, which contains no dirt along with other impurities like moss. The color from the whitened nest is definitely an actual ivory. The yellow nest and also the bloody red nest are colored hay and red-colored respectively. The versions and intensity within the color are because of the main difference in the mineral ingredients from the food the swallow ate. The bird's nests, regardless of their color, swell when drenched in clear water. The coloration within the bird's nest will fade and also the nest threads look transparent after swelling. However, water utilized for soaking should still remain transparent and colorless.

How to buy bird nest - Density and Swelling Capacity:

Bird's nests which have finer and denser nest threads appear almost gapless. They're bigger and thicker in volume and should possess a greater swelling capacity. The swelling capacity refers back to the water holding ability of the bird's nest. The greater the swelling capacity, the higher the bird's nest distends after immersion in water. Bird's nests of various groups show different magnitudes of swelling capacity, i. e. the ratio between the weight from the bird's nest pre and post swelling could be different. The swelling capacity ought to be measured by weight rather than by volume.

How to buy bird nest - Flavor and Dryness:

Bird's nest ought to be selected by smell. A genuine bird's nest retains some fishy odor of the swallow's saliva. When cooked, it releases an easy aroma resembling the aroma of the egg white. It is important to choose a dry bird's nest. A bird's nest that's sticky and soft is not dry enough. A wet bird's nest weighs in at heavier thus the cost is going to be overcharged in the additional weight. A wet bird's nest wouldn't be convenient for storage because it would attract mold easily and it has a minimal swelling capacity.

How to buy bird nest - Cost and Creditability:

Bird's nests ought to be bought personally and selected by "searching", "smelling" and "touching". The cost from the bird's nest ought to be considered from the flavor, size, thickness from the nest, fineness from the threads, dryness, along with a good swelling capacity. It's not easy to buy a high quality bird's nest at fair cost when the goods haven't been examined for the standard and category. Probably the most trustworthy method to purchase a top quality bird's nest is to find from shops getting a great reputation and guaranteed quality.