What is bird nest soup made of?


Bird nest introduction - what is bird nest soup made of? Edible bird's nest is made of pure swiftlet's saliva secretion. This nest is generally present in caves near shoreline coves or under eaves of house and it is hands-collected. Feather and filth are then taken off from the nest before manufacturing.

The Swiftlet bird (scientifically named Collocalia, referred to as Walet in Indonesia) is under the Apodidae family that is totally different from the most popular Swallow bird. Swiftlet wild birds reside in flocks along tropical seaside and eat wild bugs as food. From the look, Swiftlet is different from the "House Swallow" size. The typical body length of a swiftlet is 9 centimeters, about 50 % how big a swallow is.

Swiftlet possesses a shorter and rectangular sharp tail while swallow possesses a longer and forked tail.

The typical life time of the swiftlet is all about 15 to 18 years. How old the swiftlet is influences the quality of its nest. Generally, the older the bird is, the greater simmer-tolerant the nest is.

-          What is bird nest soup made of?