Bird nest

Bird nest farming in Malaysia


Bird nest farming in Malaysia is well developed. Bird's nest / bird's nest soup is indeed a delicacy in Chinese cuisine. A couple types of swiftlet, the cave swiftlets, are famous for building the saliva nests accustomed to make the unique texture of the soup. Bird's nest soup is called ‘yan wo’ in Chinese. When dissolved in water, the birds' nest possesses a gelatinous texture used for soup.

What is bird nest soup made of?


Bird nest introduction - what is bird nest soup made of? Edible bird's nest is made of pure swiftlet's saliva secretion. This nest is generally present in caves near shoreline coves or under eaves of house and it is hands-collected. Feather and filth are then taken off from the nest before manufacturing.

Different kinds of bird nests


Different kinds of bird nests - edible bird nests are the saliva nests built by esculent swiftlets which are native in Thailand, Indonesian, Malaysia and south of China. Based on the atmosphere where the bird's nests are created, they may be classified into cave nest and house nest.

Bird nest building season


Bird nest builing season - Bird's nests are gathered 3 times each year, with every harvesting period generally lasting 3 months. The very first period is from the month of January to April, immediately followed by the 2nd and 3rd periods. The rain fall is especially high throughout the very first period and this encourages the atmosphere highly appropriate for the development of small creatures and plants giving the swiftlet lots of food.

Edible bird nest history and bird nest advantages


Bird nest usage, edible bird nest history and bird nest advantages -  Inside the article "Yan Wo Kao" (Case study on bird's nest) in Monthly Mingpao Vol. 231, Prof. Y. C. Kong and Prof. P. S. Kwan (1985) stated that in China the consumption of the bird's nest was recorded inside the ancient Chinese literature "Hai Yu" (The sea language) (Huang, 1536) in the Ming Empire.

Bird nest benefit health


What is bird nest good for? Bird nest benefit health. More on bird nest usage is shown as follows: Based on a current scientific research reported by Hong Kong Chinese College, the cell division enzyme and hormone of bird's nest can promote reproduction and rebirth of human cells. The Glycoprotein content directly encourages cell development in human’s defense mechanisms.

Bird nest good for pregnant women


Bird nest good for pregnant women. The question is, can pregnant women eat bird nest? The answer is yes. Pregnant lady as well as their foetus may benefit immensely from eating bird's nest. The standard consumption can provide nutrition and enhance the healthiness of the pregnant lady and foetus.

How to buy bird nest?


How to find a bird nest and how to check bird nest quality? In short how to buy bird nest that is good and suitable for us for the amount that we are paying? A few criteria need to be taken into consideration: Shape and volume, Color and purity, Density and Swelling Capacity, Flavor and Dryness and Cost and Creditability.

How to soak bird nest


How to soak bird nest? Soak bird's nest in tepid to warm water for half an hour. How to clean edible bird nest? To do this, you need to manually pick the impurities. After getting rid of feather in the bird's nest, soak in the water for an additional 3 hrs. Leave the soaking water for later use since it consists of nutrition from the bird's nest.

How to rehydrate bird nest cup?


How to rehydrate bird nest cup - Soak dry bird's nest in cold water (20°C - 25°C) for just two-4 hrs (depending on each nest) Dry the soaked bird's nest and tear into shreds, rinse it with water that is clean to get rid of impurities. Stew in billing water for five minutes, dry it and instantly put in icy cold water to cool down the temperature