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Louis Digital Enterprise is a company specialized in the import and export of goods since 2008, and hence has many years of experience. Our main source and target countries are Malaysia, China and Hong Kong. Apart from wholesale, we also sell mobile phone in local retail stores.


 handphone_malaysia.jpgThe main business of our company is in digital high-tech products and Malaysia native products. Today, we have mobile phone retail store in Penang, Malaysia, providing a variety of mainstream mobile phones and mobile phone accessories. In addition to retail businesses, our company also provides cell phones in bulk to other companies for employee utilization. We also provide mobile repair services. Any faulty phones are welcomed for onsite repair.

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In addition, our company also runs a variety of multifunction printers, such as: UV flatbed printer and universal printer, capable of printing a wide diversity of items, such as in flatbed printing, business card printing, furniture printing and so on, suitable for industrial uses, such as home decoration industries, sign board industries, silk-screen printing industries, gift processing industries, personalized printing industries, and so forth. Our company gains public attention once for introducing special metallic name card hot stamping machine and even the newspaper interviewed us on our success.

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The Malaysia native products that Louis Digital Enterprise focuses on include palm fiber and palm particles. Palm fiber is utilized mostly to manufacture mattresses, while palm particle is a biomass fuel used for incineration practices.

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Our company also imports and exports edible bird nest in bulk. Malaysia swiftlet farming is pretty well developed, and owing to superior natural environment, people collect swallow nests from the nature especially the caves. For example the Famous Niah Cave in Sarawak, Malaysia is well-known for bird nest collection. 

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 white_coffee_malaysia.jpgMalaysia specialty Ipoh white coffee is famous here and overseas. Louis Digital Enterprise supplies these white coffees too, especially OldTown White Coffee and CHEK HUP White Coffee.

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Louis Digital Enterprise on Guang Hwa (Kwong Wah Daily) Newspaper



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