Oil palm mesocarp fiber


Oil palm fruit is plucked and sent for palm oil extraction. The pericarp which is the outer layer can be separated into endocarp, mesocarp and exocarp layers, and among them, mesocarp is the thickest and fibrous layer. After oil extraction, mesocarp fiber and palm kernel nut become left over mass. The Mesocarp Fiber is then separated from Palm Kernel Nut by cyclone separator. Mesocarp fiber is elongated cellulose with 30-50mm length which constitute 15.7% of FFB.

Palm Biomass is a kind of Bio-Energy or Bio-Fuel, which is also known as the white coal. It is another ideal fuel which substitutes coal, firewood, lignite and other conventional fuel. Mesocarp fiber has shorter fiber length than Shredded EFB fiber, perhaps it also finer and uniform in fiber size. Fibre board, cushion and carpet can also be manufactured using mesocarp fiber. Furthermore, mesocarp fiber can be mix with other material with high nitrogen content to produce composted organic fertilizer.