Oil palm pellets


Oil palm pellets are other products that use EFB and/or mesocarp fiber as raw materials. Fiber is extracted from EFB via shredding process. Pellets are subsequently produced by processing and pelletizing the extracted fiber. The main reason why pelletizing is needed is that this process aids in elevating pelletizing percentage and density level to increase their burning efficiency. With high carbon and heating value characteristics, oil palm pellets are good burning fuel. 

Hence, the applications of oil palm pellets involve:

-Residential and Commercial Heating

- For industrial use: boilers, brick kilns, furnace and foundries.

- Power Plant: biomass or conventional.

Features of oil palm pellet

- Low cost advantage

- No species variation

- Free of chemical additive

- Excellent year-around availability

Advantage of

- Low moisture content

- Less smoke and less CO2

- Low dust and impurities content

- Environment friendly products

- Ease of transportation and storage