What are the uses of oil palm?

What are the uses of oil palm? Oil palm is notable for its valuable palm oil that could be extracted. Palm oil is edible oil for cooking. Since our company, Louis Digital Enterprise, focus on oil palm fiber and pellets instead of palm oil, we will elaborate more on those.

So, what are the uses of oil palm fiber?

Initially, unprocessed oil palm fiber is widely used as organic mulching fertilizer to provide nutrient to the land. The fiber is reused in this way to save resources.

Nonetheless, for other uses of oil palm fiber, it needs to be further processed and dried to reduce the moisture level since EFB from crude palm oil mill is in wet form. EFB fiber is one of the major components of oil palm fiber.  EFB fiber is utilized to manufacture fiber mattress, cushion, fiber board, rug, carpet, rope and many more.  Due to it long fiber structure, EFB fiber has become one of the major component for palm mat. It is an ideal replacement of coconut fiber, which is also a palm fiber since coconut is also under palm family. Palm Fiber Particle-board (OPFPB) is made of EFB fiber. OPFPB is environmentally friendly and emit green house gases on ignition when it needs to be disposed of. Besides, reusing fiber waste reduces the need of chopping down trees to save the earth. EFB fiber is also a good raw material in making pulp and paper suitable for corrugated carton boxes using the non polluting Semi Chemical-Mechanical process. Mechanically processed pulp from the fiber can be manufactured into molded products such as packaging container for food and electronic products. Part of the EFB product could also used for environmental friendly project, such as landscaping, land erosion control, soil stabilization and acoustic control.

More on what are the uses of oil palm fiber; EFB fiber is one good burning substance as well. Shredded fiber is use to produce bio-oil through pyrolysis process and as solid fuel for steam boiler. The reuse of these wastes from palm oil extraction saves the expenditure of the companies since it is low cost yet an efficient burning fuel. It is environmental friendly and biodegradable too. It has become an ideal candidate to surmount the scarcity of energy. EFB can also be use to produce high porosity carbon and molecular sieve carbon for gas filtration application, which is an alternative to replace non-renewable source of petroleum and coal. Moreover, it can be processed into mat form for soil erosion control, and as filler for reinforce composite.

EFB pellets are pelletized from EFB to increase its density. It has higher combustion efficiency for burning processes.