Digital flatbed printer coating

Coating step is done before using digital flatbed printer to allow better material surface treatment in order to have superior effect. Surface treatment agent (coating) is sprayed on the material surface layer, and this treatment agent does not have any impact on the material surface. The role is to increase the color effect and color adhesion

The coating of the surface has high impact on the color printing:

(A) There is a need to confirm that you want to print before determining how to coat on the material

(B) Make sure the coating is completely dry after spraying.

(C) In addition, you must ensure that the coating is uniform and clean. If it is uneven, it may lead to the individual position of the ink not being absorbed, creating spots or unwanted color mixture. Clean surface helps to prevent the dust or debris from influencing the orienting process, and this is pivotal for quality assurance.

Digital flatbed printer coating options:

The main purpose of coating is to increase ink adhesion and image adhesion. This is to say, for example, if you are to print on ABS plastic with full color, since ABS plastic itself is not capable of absorbing ink, digital color printing machine ink is merely spreading out on the surface without absorption. The image is vague and can be easily rubbed on swap. On the other hand if ABS plastic coated before printing, the ABS plastic surface can form a clear pattern, and cannot be erased that easily. So now the question is, can digital flatbed printer be used on all materials? The answer is yes if you do not consider the adhesion at all. If you want to consider the adhesion, then the answer is no. Flatbed printer coating is determined mainly by the material and ink. For example: ABS plastic coating is used in ABS plastic color printing, metal coating is used specifically for metal color printing, leather coating for leather color printing. And, there are plenty of other coatings: glass coating, PC coating, PS coating, PVC coated PET coating, PP coating, silicone coating, and so on. Digital flatbed printer coating involves complex chemical expertise, and not all company can provide all sort of coating.