Digital flatbed printer features

- Printing speed

Investment in low cost, high-speed printing for industrial mass production;

- High-precision printing

Utilize specially manufactured ink, so the output image is realistic to achieve photo-quality. Image is waterproof, sunlight resistant, wear-resistant, and never fade;

- Simple operation

No plating and repeating in chromatography process, the operation simple and easy to maintain;

- Height adjustment and batch setting

Adjustment of the horizontal movement of the vertical jet structure can be easily done according to the height of the printed object. There are a variety of materials that can be used and the operator can easily adjust automatically to the level of appropriate printing height. Moreover, the operator is free to set the mass production automatic feeding time, recurring procedures can be set using computer operation and thus, saving plenty of time.

- Printing format

Meet the leaflets super A3 (480mm x 330mm) A2 (420mm x 640mm) format, supports personalized printing.

- No material restriction

Digital flatbed printer can print the required thickness of the media to completely overcome the traditional printing method that can only adopt special paper and special specifications. You can use very thin or very thick objects, and the thickness can be used is 0.01mm-200mm.

- Free from the influence of object materials

Can use rich colors in the raw materials (metal, plastic, stone, leather, wood, metal, glass, crystal, acrylic, coated paper) of finished and semi-finished products (small boxes, wallets, purses, trademarks, plates, etc.) and perform true color graphics printing on soft and hard surfaces. The jet nozzle and the surface medium are not in contact so the material will not be deformed by heat and pressure, so it can print on easily deformed soft materials (such as leather and textiles).

- Meet a variety of material shapes

Flat, curved and round, no limit.

- Rough surface and beveled printing

Digital flatbed printer can overcome up to 5mm thickness deviation of raw materials. The bump gap can be extended up to 5mm according to the characteristics of the printing surface, and presents you the perfect printing results.

- Continuous Ink Supply System

Easy steps in changing ink and bring down the printing costs to a minimum.

- Use special waterproof ink

Clear and perfect printing quality, structured, bright and visible colors, no color cast or color mixing phenomenon, waterproof, wearable, better quality compared to heat transfer method, screen printing, and other the traditional printing methods.

- Personalized Print

Very suitable for T-shirts, pillows (sets), shopping bags, aprons, gloves, cotton socks, handkerchiefs and other kinds of personalized color printing services.

- Low production costs

More than 80 percent of the cost savings compared to existing thermal transfer process.