Digital flatbed printer ink

Digital flatbed printer uses low-solvent ink. Weak solvent ink is composed of organic solvent, and is characterized by its quick drying

- Due to some of the characteristics of low-solvent inks, the selection of continuous supply needs to be particularly careful.

- Weak solvent ink can be applied in some of the material without coating, or printer heating, and other means can be done without coating, but for some smooth surface of the ink alone is powerless, and the ink can accumulate, creating unclear imaging. If this is the case, then you must apply coating. there are three major advantages with the use of coating:

1. fast-drying. Coating is made with special chemical preparation of raw materials. Together with low-solvent inks, the drying process can take place within one minute and the effect is most obvious in the smooth and reflective material such as glass.

2. Direct printing on some of the material like smooth non-absorbent material is possible but less effective, while the use of coating effect is extraordinary.

3. Wear-resistant, waterproof effect is achieved wing to adhesive composition in the coating ingredients, so the adsorption force of the ink after printing is fairly strong, and wear resistance level is far more superior than those without coating. Weak solvent ink combines the advantages of the various types of ink, and thus its usage is broad. Yet, any good ink requires users to use it in a correct way and the details cannot be sloppy, so that one can make the most out of Digital flatbed printer ink.