Flatbed printer comparison: differences between digital flatbed printer and UV digital flatbed printer

UV stands for ultraviolet. A machine that is similar to digital flatbed printer is UV printer. Yet, what is the exact difference digital flatbed printer and UV digital flatbed printer? Let us take a look below:

- Cost: UV machine has the higher price. It requires high maintenance costs, and the UV ink price is much higher than the ordinary digital flatbed printer ink

- Different curing methods: Digital flatbed printer uses a weak solvent ink with coating; UV machine uses instantly UV ink with instant drying using UV lamp

- Print format: UV machine print format size is generally as follows: 2500 * 1200,2500 * 2000,3000 * 2000mm, and other specifications, large format printing, but digital flatbed printer cannot reach such a large format.

- Speed​​: UV digital flatbed printer speed is suitable for the production of large quantities in plant, Flatbed printer is for small-batch processing and personalization requirement.

- Accuracy: the highest accuracy of UV machine is 1440dpi (dot per inch), whereas the highest precision a digital flatbed printer can reach is 5760dpi. Hence, digital flatbed printer is more suitable for personalized products which processing requirements are relatively high.

- Printing media differences: UV machine to use UV light for high temperature curing, if the printing media cannot withstand high temperature, the color cannot adhere properly and fall off easily in high temperature.