Universal digital flatbed printer supplier in Malaysia


In the era of rapidly changing of technological advances, digital high-tech products are gaining utmost popularity. General printers can no longer fulfill general market needs. Flatbed printer is one alternative that kicks in and we, Louis Digital Enterprise, are top Flatbed Printer supplier in Malaysia.

What is the digital flatbed printer?

There exists many names and digital flatbed printers, flatbed inkjet printer, multifunction flatbed printer, all-purpose flatbed printer are all mean the same item. Digital flatbed printer features intelligent precision positioning system, printed directly on the irregular shaped products. It can print on flat surface, and can also be used with molds to produce three-dimensional colored products. It does not have any material restrictions and capable of printing on the surface of the wood, porcelain, plastic, PVC, ABS, acrylic, stone, glass, crystal, metal, cloth, leather and so forth for color photo printing. Digital flatbed printer is easy to operate, lithographic plate making and plate burning is not needed, and no repeated chromatic printing is required. The printing effect presented to you is vivid, with beautiful colors, plus it is waterproof, wear-and-tear-resistant, has strong adhesion and do not fade. Furthermore, as the digital flatbed printer has no restriction on raw materials and target product shape, its usability is wide in plenty of industries: printing industry, furniture industry, industrial uses, construction uses and many more. It can print on several products like metallic business cards, crystal ornaments, tiles, gifts, electrical appliances such as notebook computer. Creativity is limitless with digital flatbed printer. In addition, it is stable performance and has good operational capability. Speed determines production rate. Using digital flatbed printer, you can meet the needs of the market, thereby increasing your competitiveness.

As Universal digital flatbed printer supplier in Malaysia, if you are interested, you are welcomed to contact us via phone, email, or drop by our local office in Penang.