UV digital flatbed printer

The new UV flatbed printers has been proudly introduced into the market, with the latest LED cold light source technology, the latest generation of Epson nozzle, high-quality servo and screw guide. The effect is much greater than traditional UV machine precision, and post-use costs are also greatly reduced.

Industrial printing efficiency:

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- UV machine utilizes the latest LED cold light source - non-thermal radiation.

- Instant light without preheating, low deformation of the surface temperature of the printed material.

- The power consumption of 80W, the traditional mercury lamp of 3KW.

- LED with 25000-30000 hours long life.

- Using Epson's latest generation of nozzles, with smart technology in the distribution of the size of the dots, and with higher than traditional UV machine printing accuracy.

- A print head with eight nozzles, dual 4-color high speed printing, allowing you to seize the initiative in the fierce market competition, and win more business opportunities.

- UV digital flatbed printer quality servo and screw rail system.

- As opposed to traditional mercury lamp, UV Flatbed printer does not contain mercury.

- It does not produce ozone, and thus safer and more environmentally friendly.

- Water-cooled (water cycle) in the hot summer air-conditioned environment can have a good light curing effect.

UV digital flatbed printer is the most high-quality selection of outdoor printer. There are many benefits of this machine:

- Rich color presentation is impeccable.

 - UV curing lamps - LED cold light source system, non-thermal radiation.

 - High-quality servo screw rail system.

 - Environmentally friendly UV inks, non-polluting, low energy consumption, truly a green production.

 - UV protection, outdoor three to five years, water-resistant.

 - Dual 4-color solutions, faster, allowing you to seize the initiative and win more business opportunities in the fierce market competition.

 - As opposed to traditional mercury lamp UV Flatbed printer, do not contain mercury, it does not produce ozone, safer, more environmentally friendly.

 - Traditional mercury lamp UV flatbed printers warm-up in advance, the use of direct printing without having to wait.

 - Heat generated by the mercury lamp is negligible, bearable for the operating staff.

 - Cold light source, no thermal radiation. Surface temperature of target product is low, deformation is prevented: this solves the acrylic, organic board, film and other high temperature material UV color printing deformation problem.

 - Energy-saving: LED lamp power of 80W, the traditional mercury lamp of 3KW, power consumption of only 3% of the traditional mercury lamp UV Flatbed Printer, can save up to 97% of electricity consumption.

 - LED lamps are long life 25000-30000 hours, while the domestic mercury lamp can last for 300 hours and imported mercury lamp can last for 1200 hours.

 - Water cycle cooling system, good light curing effect can be maintained even in the hot summer months without air-conditioned environment. Whereas air-cooling system effect is poor in the hot summer, resulting in the power of UV and other not function properly, thus affecting the light-curing effect.

 - UV Flatbed printer can print products with bump effect.

 - UV Flatbed printer is suitable for various industries: decorative, decoration industry, glass industry, furniture sliding door industry, sign industry, exhibition industry, rigid paperboard packaging industry, leather, textile industry, etc.

- The printing material of the device is a broad, such as: stickers, PVC, reflective film, canvas, carpet, leather, etc.; rigid media such as: glass, tile, metal ceilings, aluminum, wood, doors, acrylic, plexiglass board, foam board, corrugated board, etc.

- Lower cost, more appropriate for high-volume industrial printing needs.