edible bird nest history

Bird nest benefit health


What is bird nest good for? Bird nest benefit health. More on bird nest usage is shown as follows: Based on a current scientific research reported by Hong Kong Chinese College, the cell division enzyme and hormone of bird's nest can promote reproduction and rebirth of human cells. The Glycoprotein content directly encourages cell development in human’s defense mechanisms.

Edible bird nest history and bird nest advantages


Bird nest usage, edible bird nest history and bird nest advantages -  Inside the article "Yan Wo Kao" (Case study on bird's nest) in Monthly Mingpao Vol. 231, Prof. Y. C. Kong and Prof. P. S. Kwan (1985) stated that in China the consumption of the bird's nest was recorded inside the ancient Chinese literature "Hai Yu" (The sea language) (Huang, 1536) in the Ming Empire.

Bird nest farming in Malaysia


Bird nest farming in Malaysia is well developed. Bird's nest / bird's nest soup is indeed a delicacy in Chinese cuisine. A couple types of swiftlet, the cave swiftlets, are famous for building the saliva nests accustomed to make the unique texture of the soup. Bird's nest soup is called ‘yan wo’ in Chinese. When dissolved in water, the birds' nest possesses a gelatinous texture used for soup.

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