edible bird's nest soup

How to cook bird nest soup?


How to cook bird nest soup? Based on Traditional chinese medicine, the sweet flavor mainly makes its way into the spleen channel. Sweet meals are gentle, not hot or cold in character. It has qualities that provide a relieving and rejuvenating effect towards the body. Consuming sufficient levels of sweet food can regulate your body functions. The bird's nest tastes and swells better as sweet dish.

How to store bird nest?


Bird's nest consists of the valuable salivary secretion of swiftlet. Just like other foods, it ought to be stored correctly. The perfect technique is to keep the bird's nest within airtight storage jar and put it under refrigeration. Shopkeepers who stock top quality bird's nests should have the ability to offer valuable suggestions about correct way of keeping bird’s nest.

How to rehydrate bird nest cup?


How to rehydrate bird nest cup - Soak dry bird's nest in cold water (20°C - 25°C) for just two-4 hrs (depending on each nest) Dry the soaked bird's nest and tear into shreds, rinse it with water that is clean to get rid of impurities. Stew in billing water for five minutes, dry it and instantly put in icy cold water to cool down the temperature

How to soak bird nest


How to soak bird nest? Soak bird's nest in tepid to warm water for half an hour. How to clean edible bird nest? To do this, you need to manually pick the impurities. After getting rid of feather in the bird's nest, soak in the water for an additional 3 hrs. Leave the soaking water for later use since it consists of nutrition from the bird's nest.

How to buy bird nest?


How to find a bird nest and how to check bird nest quality? In short how to buy bird nest that is good and suitable for us for the amount that we are paying? A few criteria need to be taken into consideration: Shape and volume, Color and purity, Density and Swelling Capacity, Flavor and Dryness and Cost and Creditability.

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