flatbed digital printer

Digital flatbed printer performance test

Digital flatbed printer performance test can be carried out in the following ways: 1. Print small font to measure accuracy 2. Repeated printing to measure performance 3. Quadrilateral diagonal equivalent length accuracy test

Digital flatbed printer coating

Coating step is done before using digital flatbed printer to allow better material surface treatment in order to have superior effect. Surface treatment agent (coating) is sprayed on the material surface layer, and this treatment agent does not have any impact on the material surface. The role is to increase the color effect and color adhesion.

Digital flatbed printer ink

Digital flatbed printer uses low-solvent ink. Weak solvent ink is composed of organic solvent, and is characterized by its quick drying- Due to some of the characteristics of low-solvent inks, the selection of continuous supply needs to be particularly careful.- Weak solvent ink can be applied in some of the material without coating, or printer heating, and other means can be done without coating, but for some smooth surface of the ink alone is powerless, and the ink can accumulate, creating unclear imaging. If this is the case, then you must apply coating. there are three major advantages with the use of coating

Digital flatbed printer printing method

Traditional printing method on physical material (acrylic plate, crystal, clothes, etc.) uses screen printing and heat transfer; digital flatbed printer uses direct print. This printing method is quick and direct, without multiple steps.

Digital flatbed printer materials

- The height of object: 0 ~ 17.5CM- Surface concave and convex curvature: 0 ~ 7mm- Capable of printing on any material. (Such as gold, silver, iron, aluminum, crystal, silicone, wood, glass, leather, cloth, stone, etc.)- Capable of direct printing on top of the paper material- Capable of printing pictures on the irregular surface. (Such as mobile phones, telephones, U disk, vases, pens, etc..)

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