what is oil palm tree

Oil palm pellets


Oil palm pellets are other products that use EFB and/or mesocarp fiber as raw materials. Fiber is extracted from EFB via shredding process. Pellets are subsequently produced by processing and pelletizing the extracted fiber. The main reason why pelletizing is needed is that this process aids in elevating pelletizing percentage and density level to increase their burning efficiency. With high carbon and heating value characteristics, oil palm pellets are good burning fuel.

What is oil palm fiber?


What is Oil Palm Fiber? Oil palm fiber is the fibrous material obtained from oil palm. FFB (Fresh Fruit Bunch) which is plucked from the tree is sent to palm oil mill to extract crude palm oil. After several sterilization processes, palm oil bunch would have to go through a fruit detachment process whereby threshing process applied in order to separate between sterilized palm fruit and EFB (Empty Fruit Bunch). In other words, EFB is the byproduct in oil extraction process

What is oil palm tree?


What is oil palm tree? Scientifically in biodiversity taxonomy, oil palm is under Arecaceae palm family. There are two common species: Elaeis guineensis and Elaeis oleifera. Elaeis is a Greek word, meaning oil. Elaeis guineensis originate natively from west and southwest Africa between Angola and Gambia, whereas Elaeis oleifera is American oil palm species native to tropical Central and South America. Oleifera here come from English word ‘oliferous’, meaning ‘oil-producing’)

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