Ipoh white coffee history


Ipoh white coffee history - In the 1950s, a coffee sommelier from Ipoh invented a new recipe of roasting coffee. This new recipe offers a unique coffee aroma and profile and it is known as white coffee.

The difference between white coffee and ordinary coffee refers to continental coffee, it can be classified as light, medium or dark roasts. After going through different level of roasting, coffee beans will be ground and make into coffee drink by different brewing methods. The most popular is Espresso.

More on Ipoh white coffee history, for most Asian consumers, continental coffee tastes too strong and bitter. In Malaysia, coffee sommeliers started to try different coffee roasting recipes and techniques to adapt to the local needs. One of these includes adding sugar in the roasting process and sugar is caramelized in the high heat condition. This resulted in a milder taste coffee with a hint of caramel note. The coffee also appears thicker and darker than continental coffee. The local thus gave its name – Black coffee or coffee O. Some consumers think that the caramel note overshadows the coffee aroma and are looking for an alternative to black coffee.

To reduce the caramel note of black coffee, Ipoh coffee sommeliers do not add sugar in the roasting process. They instead added small portion of margarine and salt to round up the coffee taste. They also emphasize in roasting the coffee to medium roast to provide an optimal balance of aroma and tastes that is suitable for the local demand. Comparing with black coffee, white coffee appears lighter in color, tastes richer, creamier and has stronger coffee aroma.

In the beginning, there were only three traditional coffee shops in Ipoh selling white coffee. These pioneers of white coffee were Sin Yuan Long, Nan Zhou and Tong Yuan Long coffee shops. White coffee started to gain popularity because of its rich aroma and unique tastes. It became the mainstream coffee drink and almost all coffee shops in Ipoh started to sell white coffee. It did not take long before white coffee became famous throughout Malaysia as well as Singapore.

In 1990s, the founder of Chek Hup Sdn Bhd, an enthusiast and great lover of coffee, with his comprehensive understanding of coffee, from the selection of fine coffee bean, blending, roasting, brewing to the homemade sweetener of premium raw sugar, refine and improve every steps to the finest detail to launch Chek Hup Ipoh White Coffee.

At present, Chek Hup Ipoh White Coffee has market presence in more than 15 countries in the world. In addition, Chek Hup White Coffee has won numerous local and international prestigious awards.

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