What is white coffee from Ipoh?


What is white coffee from Ipoh? Ipoh white coffee is a well-known coffee drink which came from Ipoh, Perak in Malaysia. The coffee beans are roasted with palm-oil margarine, and the resulting coffee is offered with condensed milk. The word "white coffee" arises from the literal translation of their Chinese name, which has been around since the 1800s by Chinese migrants who found working in our tin mines.

Typically, Malaysian style "black" coffee roast (Kopi-O) is created by roasting the beans with sugar, margarine and wheat. "White" coffee, however, is made with only margarine and with no sugar, producing a less dark roast. Ipoh White Coffee is also broadly available immediately in instant coffee version. Usually, it is consumed after dinner.

What is white coffee from Ipoh? The generic term "Ipoh white coffee" in Chinese is "怡保白咖啡. "白" (‘bai’), generally means whitened, and is not related to the color in cases like this, but is rather a mention of way the coffee is roasted. In Chinese, ‘bai’ does mean 'without, or unadulterated', nothing continues to be put into the coffee throughout the roasting process.