White coffee exporter Malaysia


White coffee exporter Malaysia - In Europe, the definition of white coffee is not the same. It has many names: regular coffee, coffee with milk, and light coffee. It refers to usual black coffee with whitener added. Creamer could be made of dairy milk, soy, corn syrup, or nut products and either sugar or artificial sugar is used as sweetener.

In Malaysia, white coffee has a different meaning. The initial white coffee began in the small town called Ipoh. It refers to some drink produced from coffees roasting in margarine, made and offered with sweetened condensed milk in a cream-color form. Local coffee producers subsequently mix instant coffee powder with non-dairy creamer or whitener and sugar together, and market the three-in-1 mixture as white coffee too. And, more and more white coffee exporters Malaysia have emerged.

The blends are packed in a variety of sizes from 15 g to 40 g, and therefore are liked by Malaysians both at home and at work as convenient easy-to-prepare coffee drinks. The health advantages however of consuming instant coffee combined with non-dairy creamer and sugar daily are gradually concerned by the public, with a few producers now using the sugar from the mixture, and market the two-in-1 mixture as Sugar-free white coffee to control the sweetness level.

For overseas' visitors into Malaysia wanting to test white coffee but locating the margarine roasting coffees unorthodox (because of its slight caramelized flavor), and questioning the wholesomeness from the 3-in-1 instant mixture, the majority are misunderstood that there's another kind of beans endemic to Malaysia known as the white coffee beans. Yet in fact, the coffee beans are imported Robusta or Arabica beans roasting to some light color and just passed off as white coffee.

Whether roasting with margarine, or prepared in instant 3-in-1 mix, white coffee in Malaysia should simply make reference to the way the drink is ready and presented - added with milk or creamer, therefore the liquid is cream colored, much like coffee au lait, or Latte essentially.

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