Handphone supplier in Malaysia

Handphone supplier in Malaysia

Louis Digital Enterprise is a handphone supplier in Malaysia, based in Penang Island. Our company own retailer shop (handphone shop Malaysia) which sells myriad mobile phone models especially hot brands such as Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, LG and so forth.


Universal digital flatbed printer supplier in Malaysia


As Universal digital flatbed printer supplier in Malaysia, if you are interested, you are welcomed to contact us via phone, email, or drop by our local office in Penang.

Digital flatbed printer market application

Digital flatbed printer uses are extremely broad. It is not restricted by target product materials. It can also print on flat as well as uneven curved surface, yielding excellent results with colorful and bright image.

Digital flatbed printer features

- Printing speed: Investment in low cost, high-speed printing for industrial mass production; - High-precision printing: Utilize specially manufactured ink, so the output image is realistic to achieve photo-quality. Image is waterproof, sunlight resistant, wear-resistant, and never fade;- Simple operation: No plating and repeating in chromatography process, the operation simple and easy to maintain;

Digital flatbed printer models

There are many kinds of general models for digital flatbed printers which are classified according to printing sizes as follows:- A4 type (210mm × 290mm)- A3-type (325mm × 600mm)- A2 type (420mm × 600mm)- A2 type (420mm × 1200mm) (420mm × 1800mm)- A1 type (610mm x 1500mm) (610mm × 2000mm) (600mm × 2500mm)- A0 type (1118mm × 2000mm) (1140mm × 2500mm)- 42 'type (1070mm x 1950mm) (1070mm × 2500mm)- 44 'type (1110mm × 1950mm)- 52 'type (1300mm × 1950mm)

Digital flatbed printer materials

- The height of object: 0 ~ 17.5CM- Surface concave and convex curvature: 0 ~ 7mm- Capable of printing on any material. (Such as gold, silver, iron, aluminum, crystal, silicone, wood, glass, leather, cloth, stone, etc.)- Capable of direct printing on top of the paper material- Capable of printing pictures on the irregular surface. (Such as mobile phones, telephones, U disk, vases, pens, etc..)

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